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For any help, please send email to

To verify your mobile or tablet pc is fake or not, please download the Android Master.

Here, you can download the upgrade tool, firmware tool & firmware for the tablet pc & mobiles powered by different CPU. By the firmware tool, you can modify the boot logo, wallpaper, switch-on music, switch-off music, plus or deleted bundle APPs.


To download the certificate of the mobile phone.


There are 2 different ways to download the software from this website, one is download directly from weblink, one is download by the FTP tool. We recommend you downloading via FTP tool.

1) Pls download the "help.pdf" and read it carefully.

2) Pls download the FTP tool. If you have not installed Winzip or PDF reader, pls download and install Winzip, Winrar, PDF reader.

3) Pls download the upgrade tool. Before downloading, you must know what solution (CPU brand) of your tablet pc.

upgrade tool & driver list,

4) Pls enter into our server, and download the correct firmware.

  • ***All the firmware are classified according to our model number, for some models, there are different version of firmware. To verify which version fits your device, pls read the "read me.txt" bundle with the firmware carefully.***
  • OEM/ODM customers, pls contact with salesman who in charge of you, for your private account and password.
  • For all the other customers, please use the following account/password to download the firmware.
Website downloading
Public account: user
Public password: user
FTP dowanloading (Recommend) To download the FTP tool "FileZilla".
IP address:
Login type: select "normal"
User: user
Password: user

To download the certificate of the mobile phone.


To download the certificate of the mobile phone.


Please backup your data before upgrading tablet pc or mobile. We are not responsible for the possible losing files or android system corrupted caused by upgrading.The FTP tool, the upgrade tool, winzip tool and PDF reader are from 3rd party, or from our supplier.

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